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Le domaine
Type de vin
13.5% vol.
95% Callet 3% Manto negro, 2% Fogoneu
IGP Mallorca

L'avis des experts

The Wine Advocate:

The 2021 ÀN was produced mainly with Callet and small percentages of Fogoneu and Mantonegro. It fermented in 4,000-liter oak vats and small concrete vats with the yeasts they have selected for five years from the Son Negre Vineyard, and it matured in new 225-liter French oak barrels for 12 months. It has a beautiful pale and delicate color, and the oak feels better integrated than previous vintages, but I still think new oak is a killer for these local varieties. It must have been the year, as the wine seems to have taken it better; it's ashy and balsamic, spicy (clove), toasty and smoky, with hints of incense, but it wants to show the floral quality of the Callet. It has 13.38% alcohol and mellow acidity. 26,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in June 2023.